Friday, August 18, 2006

I guess Xanga blockage was just on temporary leave.

Well, I suppose to start off the new school year BYU has now blocked xanga again. I don't know if it'll come back, but oh well. I'm flexible. I'm up for a change. Speaking of which, I have to move in a week... to an apartment. I've never lived in an apartment and I'm excited and afraid at the same time. I don't really know what to expect, and I'm trying to have a positive mood. We'll see how things go and I'm hoping that the fact that I'm the oldest in the apartment won't make things too awkward with my roommates. I've emailed my actual room roommate and she seems pretty nice. She's a sophmore and is from Salt Lake City. The other two girls in the apartment (also sophmores) were on the floor above me last year when I was an RA. Again, hopefully it won't be awkward. But, I found out that I can move in early into my apt. so I need to start packing so that on my day off next week I can just move everything over.

This week we didn't have any conferences so they made us do mindless, and sometimes tedious and exhausting projects for us to get our hours. The first day we had to go over to DT and move beds from the tower they are knocking down to another tower. I have huge bruises on my legs and I smashed my finger. It's not too bad, it's purple but not black. But, it hurts to type this... and yet I keep typing. But then, yesterday I got to paint the windows with a welcome sign which was fun.

Also this week, we revisted our CA quote board from the start of this summer. It was hilarious and we typed it up so we could all have a nice copy. I was talking with my fellow CA and bathroom buddy, Libby, about how much fun this summer was. I started thinking about what would have happened if instead I had just gone home this summer. I have a feeling it would have been fun at first, but I would have been dying to come back. But, having stayed here, I met new people and became really good friends with others. Sometimes it was hard, and there was drama, but we came out of it and grew from it. I learned more about myself and who I am and what my plans are. But, more importantly I had fun, and I know that this will be one of the summers I will always remember and cherish. I'm going to miss all my fellow CAs, no my friends, and hanging out in the CANC after hours, watching movies, midnight runs to Maceys, Walmart or Wendy's, all the laughs and jokes about the cafeteria food. All in all I had a blast, and I'm glad I stayed in Provo. Let's hope this school year will be just as exciting and fun as this summer. Here's hoping!