Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Coming... in the Meantime

I know I haven't written in a while, but it's not that I haven't thought about it. I just seem to be pretty busy lately and so have not had sufficient time to sit and write out a blog post. I have several ideas in mind, and they will be written and posted shortly. But, to keep you mildly entertained in the meanwhile, I am posting the 1st episode (in several parts) of what's turning out to be one of my new favorite shows.

My aunt told my mom and I about it, and I think it is great and fun. It's a BBC concotion entitled Lost in Austen, and it's about a girl, who's obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, and finds herself switching places with Elizabeth Bennett and must then move the plot along herself... only it doesn't quite work out like the book. It's a fun show and I have feeling most of my readership will enjoy it. If you like it, please feel free to watch the other episodes on YouTube! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Recent Epiphany--Part 1

So a few weeks back I had a realization, an epiphany, a revelation of sorts, if you will, and after slowly comprehending what it all meant for me I feel I really need to write it all out. It wasn't really an all at once kind of thing, although when it did finally all fit into place and I had my "aha" moment, it did happen at once. There were several events that occurred that helped me reach my realization. This next part is the first event that got the ball rolling.

My ear had been hurting all weekend and while the pain was starting to subside, I decided it was best to see my doctor anyway just in case it was something serious that I needed medicine for (your ear hurting is something WebMD always tells you to go see a doctor about). So on Monday I called the doctor and set up an appointment for that day during work.

Let me give you some background about this doctor. I've only been to him one other time, which was a year ago. He's my dad's doctor, and the one time I did see him I didn't like him. He has a horrible bedside manner and knows nothing about not invading personal space and bubbles when he's talking with you. Despite my dislike towards him, he was the only other doctor I knew my insurance covered, and I figured since I had seen him before, at least I wouldn't have to fill out a medical history and all that over again.

After coming back from the doctor, I was so angry with what happened that I had to write it all out. This is what I wrote:

Look, I know I am fat, ok. I know that while I have been living at home I have gained weight. I know I need to eat better, and I know I need to exercise. I know, I know, I KNOW! You don't need to keep telling me that I've gained weight. You don't need to remind me that I should watch what I eat and exercise. You don't have to give me your "tried and true" method of loosing weight by cutting out carbs. I already hear it at home from my parents and my family (and for my whole life); I already know for myself the problem I have with my weight. The more you keep telling me, the more angry and frustrated I become.

Don't you think I'm already mad and beating myself up about this? I know you mean well; I understand you are "just trying to help," but stop. Hearing that I need to loose weight from a nurse I've never met and from a doctor I've only met once and don't like isn't going to help me understand better or help the situation, or make me loose the weight. I didn't come see you, the doctor, to lecture me on my obesity and the fact that if I don't take care of it, I will have more problems down the road. I already know all that.

You know what I did come down here and pay 20 bucks for? For you to make my EAR stop hurting, and you couldn't even do that. You sent me on my way with the name of an over-the-counter earwax remover drop, a lecture, and with $20 less in my pocket, telling me that in a week I should come and spend another 20 bucks for you to look at it again.

I knew I should have just waited it out, not gone to see you, and bought the same drops myself without you having to take my money as well. Thanks a lot, Doc, for all your useless help. I really appreciate it.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mattie's Reunion Tour to Utah

So this last week I went to Utah with the main goal of seeing any friends that were there. I didn't really have a set itinerary apart from the two wedding receptions my mom wanted me to go to. For the most part, I had fun and it was very relaxing. I got to hang out with my friends and visit all the places/restaurants I used to always go to. I will say, however, that being in Provo and especially being on campus and not being a student was kind of awkward.

It was especially upsetting with a tinge of excitement when I went to go park in the "Visitor" parking lot in front of the Wilk. I pulled up to the booth, and the guy asked, "Are you a BYU student?" I gave him a kind of a frown and said, "No. Not anymore." He then replied, "Oh, go right in and park." And while I'm sure he could've cared less that I was an alumna or not, it still felt a little odd and yet enjoyable for me to tell him I was no longer a student and actually had a right to park there in the visitor's parking lot legally since I was in fact a visitor. (I'd parked there before... back when I was a student, but that's another story).

Walking around in the BYU Bookstore and the Wilk was interesting too because I have tons of BYU stuff and yet I still wanted something to bring back with me. There's no point in bringing back another hoodie since I live in Texas, so you know what I bought? A keychain. I'm so lame.

I saw almost everyone that I wanted to see that was around, and while it wasn't like going to New York, I still had fun and it was rather unstressful. Here's a few pics of the highlights (for more pictures see my facebook). (I forgot to take pics in the first half of my trip, so I apologize to all those I forgot to get pics with.)
My friend Spencer finally did the "Orange" trick for me! Basically you pick a card, and he rips it up and gives you a piece. Then magically the card is fully intact (except for the torn piece) inside an orange! It's amazing; I don't know how he did it, and I don't want to know cause I like the magic trick. Thank you Spencer!
As a belated birthday present, I bought Melissa a cookie press. (Thanks Melissa for letting me stay with you and crash on your couch!) I really wanted to see how it worked, so we made cookies. This is Melissa posing with her cool cookies. Although, I will say after a few icing fiascos, she doesn't claim icing them and blames it on my inability to decorate cookies neatly.This was a sign in front of the Glenwood. What was so funny was that as we passed it, Melissa says, "Got friends? Nope, thanks for reminding me." Freakin' hilarious!This is me on the 4th floor of the JFSB feeling a little odd taking a picture of myself. Luckily, there was no one around to notice (Side note: If you haven't already, check out the cool exhibit about Education in Zion on the 3rd floor. Way comfy chairs.).Finally, this was my rental car. I know, ugly. It's a Chevy HHR and looks like an elongated PT Cruiser (which I've always thought of as a baby hearse). My defense is it was the only one the rental people had unless I wanted to wait around for them to find another car that was done getting washed. I didn't feel like waiting so I just took it. Despite it's rather harsh exterior, it drove rather nicely and it had cool radio features. Also, it's a hybrid "flex fuel" car, which means that driving around Provo (and up to Lindon and Orem) for 6 days, from Salt Lake to Provo, from Provo to Kaysville and back, and then back from Provo to Salt Lake, I never filled up on gas. When I filled up in Salt Lake to bring it back to the rental place it was just barely less than half a tank. Pretty sweet, right?

Thank you to everyone that made my trip awesome and letting me get to catch up and see you! You guys are amazing, and I'm so glad we're friends. I don't know when I'll be back, but if I do have a second reunion tour, I'll let you know.

Now, unfortunately, it's back to the adult working life for me.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Teacher's Plea

I recently sat in on another teacher's Sunday School class, which was covering the same lesson I taught the week before. It was an interesting experience. Because I had already read the material, I knew the object lesson point and I knew the answers to her questions and what she was going to talk about next.

At first, I was trying to "show her up" (because I was being arrogant) by saying her next question or next point. I could tell that my neighbor was getting annoyed so I stopped. Then I started realizing that even though I knew her next points and her subject matter, the comments of the class members are what made things more interesting to me. Everyone in this class has different life experiences that gives them unique and different perspectives to the subject. It is because of these different comments that helps make the class interesting and more helpful to other class members.

As a teacher, I absolutely love it when I have class members comment because 1) I'm not standing up there talking the whole time, and 2) because my class members might have better insight and have something more profound than what I'm saying.

So, please if you feel like you should add to the disscussion or you think of something to say, say it. No matter what it is, because it could help someone else in the class, or sometimes the class just needs a good laugh to get the blood flowing.