Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alone at the Movies

On Wednesday I decided that I would go to the movies by myself, something I'm pretty sure I have never done in my life. Somehow I always think I'll hate it or I'll look like a loser if I go alone. That and I always want to talk about the movie afterwards, and how can I do that if I went by myself?

Well, I had a coupon for a movie that would expire on Thursday, so I had to use it on Wednesday, my only available day, and since my mom decided she'd rather study and take practice tests, I went alone.

It wasn't that bad.

It helped that I went and saw what turned out to be a rather cute/good movie (Water For Elephants). But, I got a rather good seat since it was just me (something I found out when I was getting seated to be on Jimmy Fallon in New York), and the ladies next to me were pretty nice.

The movie was surprisingly good. I haven't read the book (although it was on my long list of ones I'd get to someday), and with that said, I really liked the movie (not sure how it compares though). I love Reese Witherspoon, but I am not a huge fan of Robert Pattinson. BUT, someone must have taught him how to act because he wasn't half bad. And, I've decided he definitely looks way better when he has some color in him and doesn't look like he's in pain all the time.

So, I recommend going to see Water For Elephants, and being willing to go to the movies alone. It wasn't terrible, and I might do it again. Who knows?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOTW: Sam Huntington

I know some of you might be thinking, who the heck is Sam Huntington? I know, at first I could only recognize his face but I never really knew his name. But, once you see him, I'm pretty sure you'll know who I'm talking about:

Looks familiar, right? Still can't recall where you've seen him? Well, I'll help you out.

I first remember seeing him in a little film called Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen and Martin Short:
He plays Mimi Siku!

He's also been in Sleepover (which although incredibly cheesy, I still think is adorable, but he's so cute and funny in it AND it's got Jane Lynch!!!) and in Superman Returns. He's been in various other things and TV shows (Veronica Mars, that ridiculous commercial turned TV series: Cavemen) including, most recently, Being Human on Syfy. In the TV series (which my mom discovered and told me about) he plays a werewolf who lives with a vampire and a ghost:

While I'll admit that his vampire counterpart is also very attractive, there is just something about Sam here that is just cute and kind of nerdy. His character is hilarious (more so than the vampire who always has to appear serious and brooding all the time). He just seems way more real to me, which makes me love him all the more (Team Jacob anyone?).

So this week's FOTW is Sam Huntington--a little nerdy but very funny and handsome!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Super Excited for These

When I was avoiding doing homework this last weekend, I started watching movie trailers on IMDB. I am really psyched to see the following (in no particular order):

X-Men First Class:

The Green Lantern:


The Three Musketeers: 

The Help: 

Captain America:

And of course, HARRY POTTER!!!:

And I am slightly intrigued for the following:


Cowboys & Aliens: 

Super 8: 

Larry Crowne: 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Words

I'm tired.

The end of this semester could not come any faster. Friday I was so tired that the following things happened:

  • While in the shower that morning, I couldn't remember if I had actually washed my hair or not. (For the story click here)
  • I stared at a note I had written to myself the day before for 5 minutes and still didn't know what it meant. (For the note click here)
  • My flip flop broke and then I forgot my fob (what I need to get into work) in my car when I got back from lunch and was too tired and lazy to go back to get it. (For the tragic details click here)
  • I didn't feel like going out and doing anything (not to mention I had homework to do), so I stayed home while my family went to the mall and declined an invitation to watch a movie with friends.
Saturday was more of the same. I stayed home and worked on stuff while my family went out. Then I got so tired of staring at my computer that I refused to do anymore work and watched Easy A on Starz on Demand with my mom and little brother while the windy storm blew our lawn furniture across our backyard and cut the power to the cable several times (we had to restart and fast forward Easy A three times).

Today was pretty good. I did nothing productive until about 10pm because I thought watching Last Cake Standing and Food Network Challenge with my family was more important.

Basically, I'm tired of having to be anti-social, and I want to be done with school, but I'll settle for the semester being over at least. 

19 more days till May 13th.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flavor of the Week

A friend of mine has a Tumblr in which every week she admits who her secret celebrity crush is and why she likes him. Because I love reading her Tumblr so much, I decided that I'd start a little admitting myself as to who my celebrity crushes are.

New series: Flavor of the Week

Every week (whenever I darn well feel like it), I'll admit to you who I'm having a secret celebrity crush on. I'm sure there'll be a few that are pretty obvious, but I'm hoping there'll be some obscure ones that you might not have thought of or even know who they are. :)

Because I want to start out the series strong, I've decided to pick someone with whom I've had a crush on since I was little and who is pretty much awesome. It will come as no surprise because I've already shared with you my undying love for this person in a previous post.

That's right, Robert Downey, Jr., or as I like to call him: RDJ. Behold the sexiness:

Yeah, he's had some rough years, but he is so much better now, has actually fixed his life, and clearly he doesn't give a crap what you say. AND that's what I love. He admits he had a problem that he was messed up and he can joke about it now that he's better. The man is hilarious as well as handsome and a great actor. I don't care how crappy the movie is, I'm going to see it because he's in it.

I heart him, and I always will.

And so RDJ is my FOTW forever. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Perhaps It's For The Best

A few posts ago I mentioned how my awesome plan to graduate by May 2012 was going to have to be altered. Now that I've started thinking about it, I'm thinking it's probably okay that I wasn't able to take any classes in my program this summer. I am taking one class over the summer (a what-might-turn-boring-real-quick marketing class), and it's online! YAY!

Basically, I need a break. This semester has really got to me and I'm only 2 weeks away from the end (minus final projects/papers) and I am just dragging myself to the end. It's been fun and enlightening, yes, but it's also been a ton of work and reading and creativity. And I'm just ready to not have to be so philosophical and intellectual all the time. I love it, but sometimes you just need to read fluffy teen books. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I am ready to finish up some craft projects this summer, read my fill of cheesy fiction/fantasy books and watch all the ridiculous comedy movies I've been missing because of school. Never thought I'd say this, but Friday May 13th can't come soon enough. It'll be my lucky day. :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I Clearly Have A Problem

After today, it has become clear to me that while I am in my car I am subconsciously a bird killer. Let me explain.

I went with my mom to Panera, and when we came out, my mom found this in the front of my car:

I don't know how it got there or when it actually happened, because it's not like I examine the front of my car every time I get in or out of my car (despite what they teach you in driving school). But, somehow I hit a small defenseless bird with my car and it got stuck.

But, if you'll recall, this isn't the first time I accidentally hit a bird with my car.

So, obviously, I am an accidental murderer of birds.

It's freakin' terrible, and I'll be honest I was more grossed out than upset about the bird (so maybe something is wrong with me!?) although I was upset about the bird too. But it gets better, I had to drive with the visible guilt evident on my car for at least 6 miles while my mom taunted me saying that other people were probably wondering why I had a bird stuck on my car, that it got sucked in after it pooped on my windshield and the like.

The worst part, though, was when my mom and I arrived at our final destination and we asked the older gentleman who was present to please remove it for me. So, he got a stick and flicked it out. Then he started swishing the stick around and all these feathers came out. Yuck.

What stinks is I just had my car washed. Now it's got bird poo, feathers, guts, and blood on it, AKA the evidence of my latest killing. Birds beware, you don't know when I'll strike next!