Friday, July 06, 2012

So Here's the Dealio

I have about 3 posts in drafts that I started but then never got around to finishing.

My bad. I'm sorry.

They're pretty good too, and I'll probably still post them even though they might not be immediately relevant any more (which probably adds to the reason why I haven't finished them cause I didn't feel the same when I started writing them as I did when I went back to finish them).

As some of you may be aware, I am moving (to a new apartment).


Which means I've been kind of busy trying to pack and clean and pack and get rid of stuff (HOW DID I GET SO MUCH? WHY DO I KEEP BUYING CRAP?!)

And as more others of you are aware,* I'm going on vacation to the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC for you hip cats). 

The day after tomorrow.


Which means I've been packing up all of my crap AS WELL AS packing for vacation.


However, I'm taking my laptop with me on vacay because I'm hoping to get so many pictures of awesomeness and celebrities that I'll have to unload all my SD cards every night. Also, I'm hoping to do a little daily blog post of my adventures (we'll see if this happens I might be too overwhelmed/tired to do it).

BUT even if I'm not able to do a daily digest of my SDCC adventures while I'm there, I will for sure be tweeting and possibly tumbling pictures and the goings-on throughout the experience. So, feel free to live vicariously through me by checking:

My twitter: @missnesbit
My tumblr:
Also, I'm sure I'll also be posting on my Facebook for my FB friends as well!

(Small note on my Tumblr, I have a queue set up that will continue posting throughout the day, so if you see a post and it's not SDCC or vacation related it's because it's my queue. They are still humorous posts that you should look at, but it means I'm not actually online posting them.)

And of course, upon my return when I've gathered my senses and come back to reality and have possibly been revived from the nerd/geek death that I'm sure I will have suffered by the end, I will post a recap of the highlights.

But because I'm sure y'all are curious, here's a teaser about what I'm most excited about:

  • Seeing my grandparents and Aunt and possibly my other Aunt and Uncle
  • Staying in a beach house that is 1 mile away from it. (I've never stayed somewhere so close!)
  • Seeing a few dear friends, including the wonderful Jessica!
  • For sure seeing James Roday and Dule Hill of the TV show Psych at Nerd HQ
  • Experiencing the crazy awesome epicness that is SDCC
  • Possibly getting into the following panels
    • Teen Wolf (don't judge me ok TYLER HOECHLIN PEOPLE)
    • Community (Joel McHale! Danny Pudi! Donald Glover! EVERYONE!)
    • 10th Aniversary of Firefly (THE WHOLE CAST IS GOING TO BE THERE)
    • The Hobbit (Sir Ian Mckellan AND Martin Freeman AND Andy Serkis AND Peter Jackson AND Richard Armitage)
I could go on, but who knows if I'll actually get into any of these things. If anything just going and being there is getting me excited enough. Like I haven't even been able to sleep very well these last few weeks because I've been so anxious about it all.

Anyways, wish me luck and I'll catch you peeps on the flipside!

*And really if you don't know we're probably not that great of friends or you just came across my blog or something cause I haven't been able to stop talking about it for like months now.