Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Just Have Three Words...

I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I have a little more than three words, because I'm sure y'all are like, what the heck is she talking about? Back in January/February I completed my application for a Master's program. What and Where? Well, I'm getting to that...

It's at University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), and it just so happens to be right down the street from where I work. Yes, I am going to keep working while I'm going to school; it's going to be FUN! Upon completion of this program, I will receive a Master of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication. It's basically a mix of technology, communications, and a light smattering of humanities classes that cover how the internet, social networks, podcasts, youtube, etc. can be used to disperse media. It sounds freakin' cool (at least I think/hope so), and I'm excited to get started.

It took a while to finally get my acceptance, but I finally realized I had been accepted after my advisor kindly reminded me that I should check online through their student center to see my status. I believe registration for classes opens up on Monday, and I've already looked and decided what classes to take (I'm going to try for 3 this semester. Let's hope I don't die.)

All three classes are at night once a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights) and they go till 9:45pm. Ummm I realize I'm pretty used to staying up late, but I'll be honest, this is going to be hard. Hopefully, I'll be ok, and I won't be too sleep deprived. If I start turning into a zombie, I'll let you know before I reach the stage where I'll desire your brains.

Today, I finally received my official acceptance letter in the mail. It said: "The UT Dallas Committee on Graduate Studies congratulates you on your admission to the graduate program in Emerging Media and Communicati for the 2010 Fall semester" (emphasis added).

Yeah... "Communicati"

That's the school I'll be going to!!! YAY!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Excuse Me While I Sell Out...

Some of you may know that I am a "BzzAgent" and have been for some time. Basically, what that means is occasionally I get free stuff and promote those products and report back on what I told people, what they thought of it, what I thought of it, etc. It's free to join, and for the most part I like it (although, I'm pretty bad about remembering to report back and promoting things...).

The reason I bring this up, is that recently I was asked by BzzAgent to promote the upcoming movie "Babies." Perhaps you've heard of it? I remember seeing a trailer for this movie when I saw some other movie at the theater. I remember being intrigued and thought it might be something interesting to see. "Babies" is a documentary that follows 4 babies in different parts of the world (US, Tokyo, Namibia, and Mongolia) as they are born to when they learn to walk. Here's the trailer (click on picture then click "Watch Trailer" It won't let me embed.):

It looks cute doesn't it? Ideally enough, it comes out the weekend of Mother's Day, so I'm sure it'll get plenty of attention and plenty of balling audiences to view it. I hear that there actually isn't much dialogue in this movie, just so you know. I think it'll be really interesting to see what life is like for these babies in the other countries, which I'm sure will get many people to come see it.

But, the point of the movie is that despite the differing location of these babies, they still experience the same challenges and have the same developments because they are all human. The same applies to us; we all may be in different places, but we are still human going through the same inherently mortal trials that we will all have to face at some point in our lives.

I, know, pretty deep. Well, before you think I've gotten too intellectual, I'll end with a funny Jimmy Kimmel clip about the movie. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The E Files--Part 8: Now What? (The End?)

We last left Agent Mattie thinking she had finally completed what she came to the alien world to do. She had learned about the new online dating world, participated in it and even interacted with the species! While it was a bit disappointing, she was still hopeful that she learned enough for it to be worth it. But, she had one more great adventure in this new world as we will soon find out in the concluding episode of The E Files... finally:

So I continued to receive a few matches a week from eHarmony (and of course plenty of other emails saying I should subscribe... DELETED), and I would go and check out their profiles and then move on. I don't quite know why I kept my profile open (or have it open still). I suppose because it's fun to see what other people put up on their profiles to attract people. It's almost like a mating ritual of sorts...

SIDE NOTE: I was watching Ripley's Believe It Or Not today (another side note: I heart Dean Cain.), and apparently there is this tribe somewhere that carries canoes on their backs. And because of this, they started developing a huge bump on their back/neck (kind of like a hunch back sort of thing, but it's kind of shaped like a football not so much Quasimodo style). AND the bigger the bump, the more attractive that male is to a mate since it's a sign of strength. Crazy, yes? ....but I digress.

With my more or less apathetic attitude toward my eHarmony profile, I kind of forgot about it except for the email reminders occasionally. So, I was surprised to see a few weeks ago that 1) eHarmony was having another free communication weekend and 2) one of my matches was requesting communication! On top of that, he was requesting info the very first day of the free weekend (not the last like "looking for friends" boy did).

I kindly replied to his 5 close-ended questions and then asked him 5 of my own, since it was free communication weekend, after all. He was another one who had cleverly disguised his email in his profile, so I did what anyone else would do, I plugged it into Facebook search... and TA DA! His profile came up... he too went to BYU and funny enough we had 3 mutual friends. He seemed nice enough, again not gorgeous, but cute. But, I didn't want to get my hopes up because I figured it'd turn out like the last time.

Then the next day, I received his answers to my questions. Well, with eHarmony, you have to go through a series of "get to know you" type questions before you can actually email each other. You can skip to it, but... big surprise, you have to be a paying member. So I got to experience all of the steps of eHarmony's communication process! Next step, send him my "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands."

Basically, eHarmony gives you a bunch of statements, and you have to pick 10 (each) of the things that your partner HAS to have/do/be or things that you absolutely hate so therefore if they have it/do it/are it they need not continue. Personally, I saw this step as a little pointless, but I guess it could be helpful to others. I only have a few major things that I'd like in a relationship/partner, so most of the time I'm ok with compromising or letting go of a few things. After all, isn't that what a relationship is about anyway?

The next day I receive his "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands," and the next step is 3 open-ended questions. So, I picked three that I thought were pretty good. I asked him if he was afraid of anything, if he could have 3 wishes what would they be, and then I even wrote up one of my own. I could tell from his profile and what I could see on Facebook that he was a photographer and was really into it, as in what he does, studied, and wants as a career. So my last question I asked him to tell me more of what he likes to photograph.

I received his answers later that day, and I started thinking... man he is REALLY into photography. His answer to my own question was that he liked to do documentary type photos and then gave me a link to his photography website (nope, not linking it). Then to the wishes one he said that he'd love to be a really great photographer, influence people with his photography, and travel the world with his photography. Ok... I get it dude, you're really into photography. But, is that all? Please tell me you enjoy other things... please.

Then, I thought his answer to the fears one was hilarious. He basically said that he didn't really fear anything (sounds like a typical guy, right?) but that he guessed that there are times when he is more aware of his surroundings and is a little more nervous or anxious so he guesses that's when he is "afraid." (Yes, he used quotes.) And along with his answers came his 3 open-ended questions for me. I forget what they were, but I will say my answers were pretty darn good and were not all about photography.

Sunday, the last day of the free communication weekend, I receive the "holy grail" so to speak of the eHarmony communication process. I had gone through the gauntlet, and in the course of 3 days had achieved the end, the eHarmony email. He sent me the email saying, "You seem pretty cool." (Well that's because I am, dude, is what I thought to myself as I read this.) Then he asked if it would be okay if we communicated through email outside of eHarmony since he wasn't a paying member so couldn't keep this communication up.

I sent him an eHarmony email back saying that was perfectly okay since I wasn't a paying member either. I told him that he seemed cool too, and I gave him my email address.


HAHA. No really, that's the end. I have not heard from him. I figured since he asked and I gave him my email address that he would email me. Not the case. So, because I was curious with what the deal was, I emailed him (remember he had creatively put his email in his profile?). I asked if he still wanted to email or not since I hadn't heard from him or if he had met someone and is now engaged and so doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Apparently it's the latter, because I still haven't received an email back.

AND interestingly enough... I went to eHarmony to see if I could gather something from there, and I noticed that I have a "Closed communication" message from him. Great. He probably did the same thing I did to him, plugged my email into Facebook and thought... "Nope." But then, when I go to click on it to see what his excuse was as to why he closed communication, it turns out he has since deleted his profile, so nothing shows up (this is why I can't tell you what questions he asked me because I can't look it up.)

I'm not really sure if eHarmony automatically sent a "Closed communication" message to me once he deleted his profile or if he closed communication before he shut down his profile. And funny enough, I have another match who deleted his profile too, so I had a closed communication message with him that I couldn't see. Anyway, not sure what exactly happened, but all I know is is that he had my email, I emailed him, and I have yet to receive any response. Yeah... the end of my last great adventure kind of anti-climactic huh? Sorry. :(

Now what? Well, my profile is still up, and I still get the occasional match every once in a while. I really doubt anything is going to happen, but it's a fun distraction when I'm bored. I'm thinking maybe I'll loosen up my settings like eHarmony wanted me to and allow someone who drinks once a week or more to be matched up with me, because then... my matches will be endless! Or not. I'll probably leave it up until I get tired of eHarmony sending me match emails. Who knows... maybe I'll actually get a response out of one of these guys once the free communication weekend ends and they figure out what I look like?

For now, I'm content with my life for the moment. It was a good, fun experiment, and it helped me realize a little more about men, since according to my mom I am rather inexperienced/immature when it comes to that subject(but, sad to say, she's right. I am.). I had a recent frustrating experience with a guy (not online), and so I'm kind of ok with just hanging out with my awesome friends. I'll get lonely again soon and wish I had a date/boyfriend, but at this point in time, I am A OK.
Experiment completed.