Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Did I Just Do?

For my 1st project for one of my EMAC classes this semester, we were required to write a text-based piece that was 900-1200 words that had something to do with the ideas or concepts we had read about in this specific book. It could be creative, it could be an essay, it could even be a data visualization or a word cloud, as long as we talked about it etc.

Well, I was nearing the due date (meaning, the night before my class), and I had been thinking about doing something creative. I always feel like sometimes (with certain subjects) it's easier to pull out something creative because I can write it up faster, it's more personal, and it usually gets a better grade because it's "creative." :) When I had first started thinking about the assignment, I decided that I'd probably write a short story kind of a thing because that'd be easy for me to write for one, and I'd get the word count, no problem. After reading the section of the book we were assigned, I had an idea on what I'd do, and I just started writing.

Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, this one piece will get incorporated into a final portfolio at the end of the semester that includes 3 other projects, and they all have to have an overarching theme/point. Which means, I'll have to continue this story throughout the semester and reframe it through the different projects. Which means...

I just tricked myself into writing another novel/novella.

At least this one I'll be forced to finish, so I can get a good grade (and for my point to come across because this 1st assignment turned into just being more like an intro to the story and for the characters). But the whole time I kept thinking:

What did I just get myself into?

Monday, February 14, 2011

What I Love Today

I love the weather today. After the crazy ice and snow and ridiculousness we had the last couple weeks, today is BE-A-U-TIFUL!

I love that today I had a relatively quiet work environment. :)

I love my friends who send me really funny emails, tweets, links, messages, photos, etc. that make me laugh so much and be grateful we became friends.

I love my family for the support that I don't give them enough credit for and the love that I pretend they don't give me even though I know they do.

I love my classes and professors and classmates even though sometimes I get stressed, or I feel completely inadequate while talking with them. But, despite that, I enjoy learning from them.

I love the freedoms and privileges I enjoy by being in this country, living during this time, and earning what I do.

I love knowing that there are people in this world and beyond that care about me, love me, and want me to be successful in this life. And I love knowing that I can know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love the person I have become and the experiences I have gained to be that way. In other words, I love being me.

And I love that tomorrow all that Valentine's candy goes on sale!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I've made real progress...

As some of you may have heard, the lovely state of Texas was confused by the powers that be for some other state like Michigan or Wisconsin, and us poor Texans didn't know what to do and pretty much shut down the state for four days. School was canceled, my work was canceled, most of the shops and stores either closed or were only open for a few hours, and the grocery store shelves were emptied of all staple foods. The local news was dominated by footage of icy road conditions, and much like police chases, we had continuous coverage of semi trucks jack-knifing on the icy highway along with breaking news of snow and ice falling from Cowboys stadium (you know because the Superbowl is going to be there tomorrow). We had rolling blackouts to conserve the energy and maintain the integrity of the power grid, and most of us holed up inside of our homes, only venturing out for the necessities, which of course led to mean cases of cabin fever. Some went days without seeing another human being.
Everyone had decided this was....


For those in other states where snow and cold weather is the norm, I'm sure this was your reaction to us:

Well, I don't know about you guys that were stuck in the house, but I used my time to work on all those things I wrote about in my last post. I was super proud of myself because I mostly just wanted to sleep and watch TV (which I did plenty of, mind you).  I edited 2 chapters of one of those books, worked on school and church stuff, and made real progress on my dad's stockings (I have now finished more than half the colors that are used!).

I do have some bad news though...

My mom's stocking is never going to be completed (at least not by me).

I had a friend who volunteered to help me get started on my mom's stocking, and even she was telling me I'm never going to have it done in time. It's a counted cross-stitch, and the pattern is a bit complicated, at least for the cross-stitch dabbler. Well, my mom can't go without a stocking, so I searched online for a new kit that was more like my dad's (read easier to do cause I don't have to count anything and just have to fill in the colors that are already painted on the material).

So, this is my mom's new stocking, currently on its way from Utah to Texas:

Hopefully this pattern will be a little easier and I can finish it within the year.
Yes, I've made some real progress all thanks to the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!!!