Friday, December 30, 2011

Because I'm So Excited-Part 2 AKA: My Family Is Awesome

I've already shared my excitement over what my friends got me for Christmas and now I can't wait to show off what I got from my family this year. Some I knew were coming, but some were a surprised, and some were fake (more on that later), but the real presents were great and Christmas was lovely.

Part 2: If my friends know me well, I'd say my family knows me even better.
 My parents got me a cover and this adorable decal for my new macbook air, which I bought after Thanksgiving. (Wait did I not tell you guys about that? Yeah... I bought a macbook air. Umm the end.) Yes, I asked for these things, but I still loved getting them anyway. :)

My family also bought me all of the series of Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Doctor (because remember I basically love him?) as well as last year's Doctor Who Christmas special with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. I had asked for these things, but what I had not asked for was Sherlock and I was so excited when I opened it. To which my mom said, "I got that at a discount because I was buying all those other things." Love it. My mom is great.
 Then my brother Cameron, who is also a huge Doctor Who fan and had been bugging me for the longest time to finally sit down and watch it, bought me this awesome mug in the shape of the Tardis as well as this awesome T-shirt:

For those unfamiliar, "Allons-y" is French for "let's go" and it's a phrase that the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) says all the time throughout the series.

I also got the Michael Buble Christmas CD from my little sister and some great jewelry and makeup from my Aunt, some PJs, and of course some gift cards and money from the grandparents, which is always greatly appreciated by me.

Oh yeah... the fake gifts. STORY TIME:
So, a few years ago I had bought a bunch of dishes that were on sale with the intention of using them when I moved out on my own. Well now that I am on my own, I had left the dishes mostly cause I forgot but also because my roommate already had tons of dishes and we kind of don't have a lot of room. Well my brothers thought it'd be hilarious to take those dishes and crappily wrap them and put them under the tree for me and say they were from random people like "Hobo Joe" or "Fate" or "Destiny" etc. It was mildly amusing, only I figured out what they had done before Christmas, and so my brother was very upset that I knew what they were. Well... at least he tried I guess.

Overall this Christmas was most unlike any other Christmas we've had, but it was still great. We didn't end up doing any of our normal traditions, which I'm usually adamant that we do, but this year I really didn't mind at all. Now that I'm no longer under the same roof with my family, I just mainly really enjoy being with them, and so that's what I liked the most about Christmas. We just hung out together, played games, watched The Nerdist, the Doctor Who Christmas special, and some other Christmas movies. I loved it.

So how about you guys? Did you guys have a good Christmas? Do anything exciting? Get anything that you want to show off?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Because I'm So Excited-Part 1 AKA: My Friends Are Awesome

I want to show off what I got for Christmas because I was so excited about what I got this year. It was perfect and while some weren't surprises at all, I absolutely loved them all the same.

Part 1:I'm going to show off what I got from my friends because basically they are awesome and know me so well and I was so excited by what they got me.
My friend Alison bought me some awesome makeup and since she's an expert on these sorts of things, I know what she got me will be perfect. I already can't stop using the Burt's Bees tinted lip balm she gave me. Seriously, that stuff is amazing.

My friend Rhia made me the most adorable mug cozy that is so Christmas-y I love it. I'm going to find excuses to drink hot chocolate all the time just so I can use it. (Not to mention the delicious goodies she put in the mug that are pretty much already gone.)

My roommate Aibi made me a jar, that is "My Stache" in which to put money to save to go to one of my favorite places of all time that I've wanted to go to for as long as I can remember. London. She put tons of London themed stickers and everything all over the jar:

 Not to mention that she even drew a TARDIS (the blue police box) on it too!!! I LOVE IT. Now I have to find money to put in it. She also got me nail polish and Bridesmaids on Bluray, which is also amazing.

My friend Erica, who has been aware of my increasing obsession over David Tennant and my growing love for all things Doctor Who, bought me a tea towel with the Tardis on it AND a DVD copy of Hamlet, played by David Tennant. There are no words for how much this gift completely took me by surprise and how much I loved it.

Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it (because sometimes my phone is retarded and I left my camera at my parents), I also got delicious candy, pen and planner, sexy red nail polish, and a freaking sweet tiger figurine (I wish I had a picture of the tiger because it is lovely) from my friends Anna and Marissa.

Seriously, all of the gifts from my friends were amazing and I absolutely loved them. I love how well my friends know me and know what I'd like. I have some pretty awesome friends, and I'm grateful they are in my life.

And if you think these gifts are great, wait till you see what I got from my family (Part 2)!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

When I'm Rich, I, Too, Will Have A Custom-Made Christmas Statue

Every year my family goes to look at Christmas lights. We used to do it on Christmas Eve, but the places we normally went got so crowded and jam-packed that we have since moved our traditional Christmas light sight-seeing to an earlier weekend.

In recent years we started going into the fancy neighborhoods in Dallas to look at lights. You know... the houses where they hire people to put up lights instead of doing it themselves. While they are all very pretty to look at, there are two houses in particular that we try to find every year to look at.

The first one is HUGE and they have lights and animated things everywhere AND it plays music. They are conveniently located in a spot where you can drive/see around their entire house (mostly) so you can follow the drive around and still be looking at the same house. I wasn't able to take a video of it this year (and couldn't find the one my roommate took last year), but because youtube is awesome, I found a few videos other people took of this same house:

My second favorite house we almost couldn't find this year (we always forget the address every year), but I was determined to find it and we weren't allowed to leave the neighborhood until we did. AND luckily we turned the corner and there it was in all it's glory.

Unlike the previous house with all the lights and animated figures and music, this house has only one thing, but it's so great I love it. All it has is a giant custom-made statue that they put out every Christmas:

If you notice, every present has a name on it, for I'm assuming, every person in the family. I'm assuming those kids are also made to look similar to the kids in the family as well, but who knows. But, my favorite part of this statue, is the creepy butler dude chasing after Santa and the kids he's clearly kidnapped in his sleigh:

I mean I realize that he wants to make sure "Debbie" gets her gift, but what about all the other presents for everyone else lying on the ground not in the sleigh? I don't know I just get really happy every time I see this statue every year because it just cracks me up. That butler guy is seriously the greatest thing. When I'm really rich someday and can have a custom-made statue with all of my family members names on it that I only pull out during Christmas and the rest of the year store in my spare house, the creepy butler will have to be incorporated somehow.

Oh, and here's my brother showing his love for the statue as well:

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Annual Family Christmas Photo

Every year my mom thinks of this "great" thing for us to do for our yearly family photo to be included in the Christmas cards she sends out to everyone. Usually these photos consist of us being match-y in some way or another, and there is always hilarity that ensues when we try to take the photo.

A while back I remember we tried to take a photo of ourselves in front of our house. The resulting pictures were hilarious. In fact, I thought they were so funny I made a Facebook album of them complete with commentary. CLICK HERE if you want to see the album.

Well this year, we decided to take our own photo again (as opposed to last year when we had a professional take the pictures and they turned out fabulous) to save some money. My mom got us all hats that were made to look like different animals (don't worry, you'll see everyone else's in a minute).
Cameron modeling his hat.
Cameron trying to be serious in his koala hat.
Apparently, no one in my house owns an actual camera anymore (because we all just use our cell phones) except for me. Only, I forgot mine and I wasn't going to drive 15 minutes back to my apartment just to get the camera and come back and take one picture.

So my dad pulls out his ridiculously old digital camera. No really, it's old. It only goes up to 3 megapixels and the battery is so unique for it that they don't even sell that kind of battery anymore (we looked) and my dad couldn't find one in the house either.

However, my little sister has a camcorder that takes pictures, so we decide to use that. Only her camcorder is kind of cheap and doesn't really take the best pictures:

See? It's kind of a bluish tint. (Also, now you can see the other hats).

I should mention that all during this time we're trying to figure out the flash and the timer on my sister's camera and we're arguing about where people should stand etc. After we decide the bluish pictures are not going to be okay (ok so my mom decides this), I say that we just use one of our phones because it'll have a higher quality and it won't be blue. So I download an app that has a self-timer (the first one that was free) and just set my phone on the tripod and click the button and run back over to get in the picture.
This is our first... only my Dad's making a weird face.
Only after we stand there for a minute, we realize that we don't know when the phone takes the actual picture since none of us are staring at the screen (so we can't see the countdown) and there's no light that flashes on the opposite side to let us know. So we try it again:
You should know that Cameron ALWAYS makes some silly face in every single one of our family pictures. It bugs the crap out of my mom.
So then we decide to take a silly picture. You know, cause that's how my family is. We enjoy being funny. Only we're not quite sure when the timer goes off again, so we think we've waited long enough and so I go check and find out:
Yeah... hadn't waited long enough.
 So we try the silly picture one more time, only I wait to see the countdown start so I can count it in my head so we know we've waited long enough. And this is the final result:

Ahhh I just love it when my family tries to take pictures together. It's always an adventure.


Monday, December 12, 2011

A Weight Has Been Lifted... Sort of

On Thursday night I finished everything I had to for school, and once that happened, I seriously can't tell you how relieved I was. The week or two leading up to that point I had been stressed out of my mind. I had spent several nights in a row staying up till 4 in the morning trying to finish papers/projects/studying. (Although I'll admit, some of it was spent distracting myself on the Internet. I almost don't want to tell you, but I was trying to avoid working on a paper so much that I watched eleven, count it--ELEVEN, really crappy youtube lessons on how to fake a Scottish accent.*)

My plan once I finished the semester was to consume as much TV/movies as possible. I'm so behind on my shows because of school and have discovered a bunch of other shows and movies I want to watch but have been resisting because I didn't want to get obsessed and become more distracted from school (at least more so than I already was). I was so excited to be a total couch potato for a month before my last semester starts.

Yeah... I don't think it's going to work out how I planned.

I mean I have watched some shows, but I already have to get started on my master's capstone thesis. I also have to work on a group project because our paper proposal got accepted for this online journal called In Media Res, and it's due at the beginning of January. Not to mention there were some projects/videos that I started but wasn't able to finish (luckily my professor didn't care so much, so I didn't have to rush to finish them before the end of the semester, but I still feel I need to finish them since I started them already).

So.... looks like I won't be much of a couch potato during Christmas break.

Dang it.

*If you're curious I can kind of say "rural" and "loch," which I learned means lake which I think I knew already but for reason him saying it made more sense to me suddenly), and I have attempted to say "provocative" while rolling the "r" and it umm sounds far from provocative.