Sunday, February 05, 2012

Recap of the Week

Well I'm sad to report that nothing TOO dramatic happened (bahahahaha you know cause it's a drama class???) in my acting class this last Monday. We had some experimental performance artist come and present on her work which was... interesting. Then we only had time for 4 people in the class to present their own performance pieces because our professor kept talking and then making them change and redo stuff after each person. I felt so bad for one girl because she read a story she had written, which was beautiful and touching, but because she hadn't "performed" it and just read it, the professor made her redo parts of it and do it different ways over and over again. She is already a super quiet girl, and an undergrad no less (in a grad class), and she looked like she might burst into tears by the end of it.

The only thing that made me mad was that our professor held us over. I mean it's already a 3 hour class that gets out at 9:45 pm, so holding us till 10 and then telling us not to pack up when it's past time is kind of annoying. I didn't get to perform my piece, so now I get to re-memorize it, and hopefully I'll get to do it tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

As for the rest of the week:

  • My roommate and I bought a bunch of fancy cheese and it was delicious. CLICK HERE
  • I finally watched The Walking Dead, and it is pretty much awesome. CLICK HERE
  • I kind of love my screenwriting class (and lucky for me, those annoying people dropped the class, so there's only 11 of us now), and I love the idea I have for my script. I'm just hoping that I can execute it well.
  • My family really likes to group text, which ends up being hilarious. CLICK HERE
  • I did my first of three presentations to my professors on my thesis, and afterwards it turns out I'll be doing a blog instead of a huge paper, which I'm kind of more than okay with. I'll probably still have to write a paper, it just won't be 40 pages. :) Once I get the blog for it up and running, I'll let you know about it.
  • Speaking of academic stuff, March is going to be crazy because I got accepted to curate another piece for the online journal In Media Res (like I did HERE only this time it's just me), and I'll be presenting my paper then too.
  • Yesterday we celebrated my roommate's birthday and ate delicious sushi and saw The Woman in Black, which I thought was good and not as scary as you might think.
  • I made some scones today, and they were delicious. CLICK HERE
And I did sort of not really pay attention to the Super Bowl or the commercials. I mean, I know who won (the Giants), and I saw some commercials... But, really I only ever watched the Super Bowl for the commercials anyway, and now that you can see most of the commercials before hand and afterwards on Hulu, I just don't even bother watching them as they air now.

That was pretty much my week. I will warn you now though, I've been slacking pretty badly on my thesis work, and so I may not update very much. I'm going to try really hard because I enjoy blogging as it kind of gives me a break, but no promises. I have a stack of about 30 books I need to go through, so I'm not going to have much of a life outside of that for a while. Wish me luck!