Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

That's right y'all!

The AT&T guy came today and after working his magic finally got our Internet working! I'm posting this from the comfort of my bedroom in my apartment and I can't tell you how happy I am. I don't want to jinx myself, but it looks like things may be looking up in this whole apartment saga (which remind me, I'm telling you all about later).

I would write more, but mi familia is putting me in charge of the dog while they eat delicious Mexican food from Nellie's and awesome burgers at Roscoe's. So, I'm chilling at their house for the weekend to spend time with this beautiful puppy:

I'll update tomorrow with a very belated FOTW. :) Yay for the interwebs!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guys, I still don't have Internet.

Don't even get me started. To see what happened, you should go here:

My Tumblr

It explains a lot and comes complete with funny GIFs that really illustrate my points and emotions through the process. The technician is supposed to come out on Thursday, so if there is any goodness in the world, I'll have Internet by then. But, knowing my luck, I doubt it. If you don't hear from me on Thursday, you'll know what happened.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Without Immediate Internet Access


I haven't had Internet at my apartment (and won't have it until tomorrow night), and I am currently at my parental's house posting this. Who knew not having instant access to the Internet whenever I want would be so hard. It's not like I'm completely without it. I have it while I'm at work, and I have an iPhone for crying out loud, and I recently discovered that I could walk about 2 minutes (probably less than that; I'm not good at guesstimating) to my apartment complex's pool and access their free wifi (which I have done twice now). But, despite being able to access stuff on my iPhone, there are just some things I'd rather do on a computer (like blogging for example). And as much as I wanted to blog away at work... I figured my first week at the new job would probably not be the best time to be blogging.

SO, this is a short post letting you know that I've missed you guys and my ability to post whenever I want because I had 24/7 access to the Internet. Never fear, I have some FOTWs planned that are going to be AWESOME and some personal blog posts that I'm sure you're dying to read about my apartment and moving and the new job and what not (don't lie to me, I know you've been wondering).

As soon as I have the Internet hooked up tomorrow after 8pm, I will be blogging up a storm.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FOTW: The Men of Drop Dead Diva

Ok, because I owe you guys like three weeks worth of FOTW because I've been a total loser and haven't posted anything, I decided to highlight the men of one of my favorite TV shows: Drop Dead Diva.

It only comes on during the summer and YES it is on Lifetime, but I just love it so much. Perhaps it's because I can sort of relate to the main character and perhaps it's because the characters are just so likeable and often hilarious, and perhaps more than likely it's because the three main men on the show are just so great to look at. Josh Stamberg, Jackson Hurst, and (my personal fave) Ben Feldman:

The first three pictures are of Josh Stamberg who plays Jane's (the main character) boss. He does play a bit of a jerk in the show, but you can tell he likes/appreciates Jane's character. Plus he is a very handsome older gentleman. He's been in some other things but none that I can recall, but he is quite attractive I will say.

The next three pictures are of Jackson Hurst who plays Grayson, Jane's main love interest (that she can't get) on the show. He is gorgeous and as a fellow Texan (born in Houston), I love him even more. His character is just so sweet and kind and you just want so bad for the two to get together (but then at the same time hope they don't so the tension can keep the show interesting). He is definitely one of the men on a show that I wouldn't mind seeing more often on screen.

The last three pictures are of Ben Feldman, who I'm not going to lie is one of my favorite characters on the show. If you couldn't tell from some of my FOTWs, I tend to go for the sweet, cute, adorable, and kind of nerdy characters/guys. Ben Feldman's character, Fred, definitely fits the mold. He is Jane's guardian angel (long story, check out the synopsis on the IMDB page), and as such he is very naive in many ways when it comes to love, which just makes him adorable. He is also incredibly funny in many ways. Briefly in the first season they "kicked" him off the show, which made me so upset because I loved him! I'm not sure if it was just a writing device or if enough fans complained, but they brought him back towards the end of the 1st season and he's been on ever since (thank goodness!).

Anyway, if you've never seen this show, I highly recommend it because it's just a cute and funny summer show that I love to watch. It airs on Lifetime on Sunday nights (at 8pm I believe, but I always just DVR it) and the episode is also available on Lifetime's website the next day. It's on the 3rd season at the moment, so if you need to catch up, I'm sure there are plenty of other websites where you can find the show (check out Project Free TV; Google it, and it should be one of the first that pop up).

So for this FOTW: Not only is the show fun, but the leading men are just beautiful to look at, don't ya think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Quarter of A Century Old

Today is the anniversary of the day I came into this world. I am 25 years old. It's pretty crazy to think about. Especially regarding how many significant life changes that have happened/will happen in this week alone. I didn't plan much for this birthday this year because of how much stuff I had to do/worry about this week. But luckily, I have some pretty awesome friends and a fantastic family that helped ensure my birthday was a good one.

Yesterday several friends took me out to dinner and I loved it! I enjoyed talking with all of them and eating delicious food. Then today, my family took me to Macaroni Grill and bought me some birthday cookies. They also bought me a chef's torch which I am SUPER excited about because now I can be all fancy and make creme brulee!!! (They had bought me ramekins for Christmas, so now I really can make creme brulee.)

Also, several other friends posted sweet and occasionally hilarious notes on my FB page/texts and I loved it. I talked about a few on my Tumblr today that made me laugh:
  • Like when I got a text from a number I didn't know and the convo that ensued (click here)
  • And some highlarious FB notes I got today (click here)
I really do have some pretty awesome friends and family, and I'm so grateful you are in my life! I have a lot planned for my 25th year of life and I'm so glad I get to share it with all of you. 

Thanks for making my 25th birthday so great!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My apologies

Guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a few weeks. Life has been pretty crazy as of late and I just haven't had time to sit down and get some blogging done. I had a midterm for my online class that I was freaking out about so the weekend of the 4th of July was spent studying and then taking the test. Then this weekend I had my pre-Harry Potter Harry Potter party, which was a huge success and I had tons of fun, and also some good times out in the boonies with a few friends where I swam, ate fresh blackberries, and shot some guns. Pretty awesome.

Sadly, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog this week either because I'm MOVING this Friday!!! I know, I so haven't filled you guys in on things. I'm such a terrible blogger. :( But, I'm hoping that I'll be able to write up something soon. Until then, here's a brief recap on a few happenings and thoughts:

  • I'm super excited and sad for the upcoming HP movie since it's the last one (Of course I'm going to the midnight showing)! Looking back at the older movies, those kids were so little then and are SOO grown up now! ALSO, the kid who played Neville is now incredibly hot. No, really.
  • I only have about a month left of my class, which I'm glad about because I want it over so bad.
  • Speaking of school, I met with my professor to discuss my idea for my capstone project, and she absolutely loved it, so I'm way excited to get started on the research for it and everything. It's going to be off the hook!
  • I got a new position at work. Before, I edited journals, but now starting tomorrow, I'll be editing books and also helping out on the wiki they want to start. I'm excited and hoping that this new position (with a new boss and new cube) will be a good thing for me.
  • This Friday is the day I can officially move into my apartment. It's in Richardson, so it's not too far away from my house, but it does mean I'm closer to work and school and also in a different YSA ward. I have mixed feelings about this fact.
  • Also... I haven't started packing. I've packed 1 box and my room is a total disaster area. I might not be fully moving in on Friday... it might have to be in phases.
  • On Tuesday I will be 25 years old. A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. I can do exciting things at this age now... like rent a car without having to pay an extra fee. And... that's about it. But, yeah, I can't believe I'll be 25 in 2 days. It's kind of crazy. I might have an existential breakdown... or at least I'm considering it.
See? I've had a lot of things going on lately... I hope you guys are doing well, and I promise as soon as things calm down a bit or I get a spare moment, I'll try to post some more things. I will say, I tend to post more frequently on my Tumblr if anyone cares to see what I'm up to on there....