Friday, August 17, 2012

So um hi

Hey there.

So... that last post, huh...

Yeah... umm...


Yeah guys... I'm kind of sorry about that. Since I've had a few people ask me about it and make sure I'm okay (which I truly appreciate and think you guys are so sweet and caring and awesome and I love you all!), I figured maybe I should explain/clarify/reiterate that I'm okay and that it was not a cry for help. It was more a writing exercise/getting emotions out kind of thing for myself 'cause you guys know me, I have to write out what I feel to work through it.

See what had happened was is that I was alone at a restaurant and my phone was dead, so I sat there looking super lame cause I wasn't doing anything while I was waiting for my food (I don't know about you guys but whenever I'm dining alone I feel like I need to be doing something, reading/writing/on my phone/anything, so as not to look like a loser just sitting there staring off into space). Because my phone was dead and I had no one to talk to, I pulled out a scrap paper that was in my purse and just started writing.

And that post is what came out.

I did stop part way and finished the rest when I got back home to type it all out. I'll admit that when I went back and reread it when I was done I realized it came out a lot more depressing than what I had started thinking it was going to be. I even debated on whether or not to even publish it, but by then it was 2 in the morning, I was tired, and I already had it all typed and ready to go. I even started writing a disclaimer of sorts saying basically what I am telling you now, but again I was tired, so I said screw it, deleted the disclaimer, and clicked publish.

That being said, yes, all of what I wrote out was true and what I was thinking and feeling at the time when I wrote it. But, as I said before, I'm one of those that once I write it all out and get it all down on paper, I feel much better afterwards, which is why I had the debate on whether to publish it. Because when I went back to read it, I felt differently at the end of it than when I did when I had started.

But because you guys are such wonderful people, the next day I had emails filled with concern and inspirational youtube video links. When explaining the situation to one of you, I decided that I should put up a happy post filled with puppies, and she suggested this:

To cheer me up/inspire me, another friend had sent me THIS video, THIS one, and my favorite of the three, this: 

Yesterday I was able to spend some of my time helping out my friend find songs for his wedding reception, so I listened to some really great and beautiful songs about love (and some that were just good in general) like these:

Then, today, another friend shared with me some HILARIOUS videos that we're going to end up talking about on our podcast (I have a podcast... I told you guys about that right? No... well I have a podcast with a friend of mine called Gramblings. Search for it in iTunes and listen! We have 5 episodes already!). BUT because I love you guys so much and because a few of you were sweet enough to make sure I was okay, I'll share the videos with you early before I talk about them on the podcast:

And this guy's original videos are just as hilarious on their own:

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